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What to see within the area

The draw of Dommu Livia is undoubtedly its location. Starting from the B&B or the holiday home, you can reach countless experiences by the sea or the mountains. Not to mention activities like hiking, mountain biking, climbing, or free flight, whether solo or accompanied by locals. We will be happy to guide you on how to optimize and fully enjoy the time you spend at our accommodation.  

The beaches

The nearest beaches within walking distance from Dommu Livia are “Lido delle Rose” and “Iscrixedda”.
It takes about 20 minutes to walk or just a couple of minutes by car to reach both locations. You won’t be able to get enough of the sandy shoreline, perfect for a relaxed and carefree day at the beach. Besides those mentioned above, there are also beaches near the village of Santa Maria Navarrese: endlessly long and each with its own unique type of sand, from superfine to rocky. In about 15 minutes by car, you can reach the coast of Tortolì and enjoy the beautiful shoreline from Porto Frailis to Cea.

The mountains of Baunei that frame this stretch of coast will invite you to continue exploring and discover more. 
Let’s talk about the stretch of coast from Santa Maria Navarrese to the center of the Gulf of Orosei.
Every km of coastline will give you something unique to explore: natural attractions such as pools, lakes, and coves are spread between the high cliffs of the Gulf. 
Besides the most famous Goloritzè, Ispuligidenie (Cala Gabbiani and Mariolu), Cala Biriala, Cala Sisine, and Cala Luna, the coast of Baunei has many other wonderful bays and beaches to offer. 
A fascinating feast for the eyes that can only be reached by boat or by land through intriguing hiking paths created in the past by shepherds and charcoal burners. 

The hinterland

Traveling along the S.S. 125 both north and south will make you appreciate your vacation at Dommu Livia even more. To the north, you can enjoy the natural beauty that Baunei has to offer. The Golgo plateau, reachable in about 25 minutes by car, is the entry to one of the most beautiful aand,at the same ttime,inaccessible areas of Sardinia.
Every beach of the coast of Baunei is in fact reachable through hiking paths ranging from E (hiking) to EEA (expert hikers with equipment). One of the most beautiful trekking routes in Italy leads right through these mountains.
The “Selvaggio Blu” or “Wild Blue,” so named by Mario Verin and Peppino Cicalò in 1987, is a maze of paths and abseiling sites that will take you from Pedra Longa to Cala Sisine.
Please note: this excursion will require adequate physical preparation and logistical assistance given the shortage of fresh water available in the area.

Proceeding further north on the S.S.125, you will find the church of San Giovanni Eltili. Bikers and hikers can take paths that lead through the forest to the spectacular waterfalls of Mamutorco and the ditch of Is Anadis.

Without going far from Dommu Livia, you can spend relaxing moments in the woods of “Su Padentinu,” in the middle of the “Macchia Mediterranea,” on paths that are perfect for both hiking and mountain biking. Bird lovers will enjoy the multitude of avian species that populate the area between the Rio Girasole and the Rio Pramaera.
This area, the habitat of so many species of Sardinian flora and fauna, will let you discover one of the most untouched areas of Sardinia

Towards the heart of the Ogliastra
For all those who are willing to let go of some beach days and discover new things off the beaten path instead.

Perda Liana

From our B&B, you can reach the suggestive “tacco” of Perda Liana. “Tacco” means “shoe heel,” which the characteristic geological formations resemble almost exactly. You can arrive after a drive of about 50 minutes through the hills, and once you’re there, you can enjoy the breathtaking views and embark on exciting hiking tours along ancient trails, surrounded by nature.

Osini Vecchio

Just beyond Perda Liana, about 60 minutes drive from us, you will reach Osini Vecchio, a charming ghost village dating back to the 1950s. Explore the ruins of ancient Osini and immerse yourself in the evocative atmosphere of this place full of history and mystery.


Also about a 50 minutes drive, Ussassai welcomes you with its perennial springs and lush oak woods. Escape from the tourist routes and discover the most intimate and authentic corners of the Ogliastra while you immerse yourself in the natural pools and let yourself be enchanted by the wild beauty of this territory.


About 40 km from our B&B, you will find Ulassai, a mountain village framed by the imposing “Tacchi.” Admire the impressive limestone bastions that overlook the town and visit “Stazione dell’Arte,” dedicated to the local artist Maria Lai. Don’t forget to explore the beautiful waterfalls, caves, and breathtaking views that characterize this area.

Culinary delights

The Ogliastra is renowned for its traditional cuisine and authentic flavors. It offers a variety of delicacies from the local pastoral tradition that deserve to be explored. Below you will find some dishes that you must not miss, especially if this is your first experience in Sardinia and, above all, if you are in our area.

The “Culurgiones”: These stuffed Sardinian ravioli are an absolute must. The fresh pasta is filled with potatoes, pecorino cheese, mint, and garlic, and then seasoned with tomato sauce and basil.

Porceddu is a traditional Sardinian dish made with roasted suckling pig. The meat is tender and succulent, with a crispy crust. It is often served with baked potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Pane Carasau: This thin, crispy bread is an icon of Sardinian cuisine. It is cooked twice and can be enjoyed alone or accompanied by cheese and cold cuts. The latter are a specialty in Ogliastra. Renowned are the hams of Arzana, a town that can be reached in less than 30 minutes by car.

Passing to dessert, we must mention the seadas: dough stuffed with fresh pecorino cheese fried in olive oil. Seadas are then served with honey or sugar.

Do not forget to pair your dishes with a good glass of Cannonau red wine, made from a local grape of Sardinia.  

Dommu Livia is a peaceful oasis immersed in the beauty of eastern Sardinia.
The privileged location of our B&B, located just a few minutes from the beaches and the marina of Santa Maria Navarrese, guarantees an unforgettable experience for those who wish to explore the Gulf of Orosei and visit the beaches of Cala Goloritzè, Cala Mariolu, and Cala Luna.

After a day spent outdoors, you can retreat back to our cozy accommodation, tastefully furnished and equipped with all comforts.
Take advantage of our warm hospitality and indulge yourself during your stay at B&B Dommu Livia.

Dommu Livia dove siamo

The holiday homes and the B&B are 5 minutes from the marina of Santa Maria Navarrese, where you can depart for a visit to the hidden bays of the Gulf of Orosei.
We are 900 meters from the beaches and 700 meters from the center of Lotzorai, where you will find everything you need for culinary adventures: restaurants, bars, groceries, ice cream shops, and bakeries.
In 10 minutes by car, you can reach Tortolì, which regularly hosts outdoor events such as parties or concerts, while the city center invites you to enjoy shopping until late in the evening during the so-called "notti bianche," or "white nights," when the main street is closed to traffic.

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